With Villette, SODIC set a simple and ambitious goal to create a development that promotes well-being and happiness for the people who live there. This led to details such as homes designed for better indoor air quality, streetscapes that prioritise people over cars, pedestrian corridors, vehicular roadways, and extensive sports and bike trails all facilitate safe and easy access between the different neighbourhoods and to the village center, providing for an interactive lifestyle around community amenities.
Areas:From: 346 m² To: 434 m²
Starting Price:8,473,266 EGP
Town House
Areas:From: 254 m² To: 302 m²
Starting Price:4,594,631 EGP
Areas:From: 127 m² To: 224 m²
Starting Price:2,278,964 EGP
Areas:From: 303 m² To: 311 m²
Starting Price:5,605,134 EGP
Sky Condos
Areas:From: 127 m² To: 224 m²
Starting Price:2,561,552 EGP
Payment Plan
Down Payment:10%
Installments Years:7 years
Delivery Date:2018